Let's solve the Mexican illegal alien problem once and for all.....
Let's Annex Mexico!!

Despite our laws, Mexicans have been invading the United States for many years. Not as an army, seeking to topple our government, but as individuals seeking only to invisibly work and live in our country. They come for a better life than they can have in Mexico, and many come to provide for families still presiding in Mexico.

Illegal aliens are mainly attracted by jobs and family connections. The typical Mexican worker earns one-tenth his American counterpart, and numerous American businesses are willing to hire cheap, compliant labor from abroad; such businesses are seldom punished because our country lacks a viable system to verify new hires' work eligibility. In addition, communities of recently arrived legal immigrants help create immigration networks used by illegal aliens and serve as incubators for illegal immigration, providing jobs, housing, and entree to America for illegal-alien relatives and fellow countrymen.

The standard response to illegal immigration has been increased border enforcement. And, in fact, such tightening of the border was long overdue. But there has been almost no attention paid to enforcement at worksites within the United States. Nor has there been any recognition that the networks created by high levels of legal immigration contribute to mass illegal immigration.

There are an estimated 22 million Mexican aliens in the US today, studies have estimated an annual increase of about 300,000 Mexican illegals each year. The government doesn't enforce our immigration laws and doesn't want to find illegals and send them back home. Illegals come to the US and work for less wages than US citizens and add to the consumption of governmental and social resources including police and fire protection, the public school system, the healthcare and social service systems. In many cases, they work for cash and don't pay taxes. Many of these illegal workers also send cash back to their families in Mexico at an estimated 30 billion dollars, annually!

I have been to Mexico a number of times and have visited Tijuana, Ensenada, Juarez, Mazatlan, Veracruz, and Cancun. I enjoyed the native beauty, culture and fun that Mexico has to offer. It is a country rich with coastline and oil. There is no reason why Mexicans should have to flee to the US for a better lifestyle, Oh yeah, I guess there is: the Mexican government. Many Mexicans have told me that they feel that the Mexican government is very corrupt. Our own government recognizes that corruption, Mexico's lack of infrastructure and the problem with drugs in Mexico.

The US should consider the annexation of Mexico. We could either make it our fifty-first state or we could divide it to create a few more states, perhaps 5 or 10 other states. I really think that most mexican people would welcome our (less-corrupt) government and our minimum-wage laws. The US would then have access to the resources of Mexico (the beachfront property, the oil deposits, the increased tax base) and it would be far easier to enforce the shorter borders with Guatamala ans Belize than our lengthy boarder with Mexico.

Annexation would solve the problem of illegal Mexican aliens and help Mexico at the same time.
A "win-win" for everybody!

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